Where, When, & Why?

Tyler and I have been talking about moving abroad for a while, but finally decided to just go for it. I am at a place in my life (after starting my own Event Planning company in Texas and managing a wedding venue) where I am ready for some change and growth. I am super excited to continue to do events abroad, and expand my destination wedding planning business.

Both my Dad and Mom were SUPER excited for us to do this. My Dad traveled a lot back in his college days and is very supportive. My mom is active-duty army and currently deployed in the Middle East. She was one who told us about Workaway (explained below.) They both wanted us to make sure we are doing everything safely and had put thought into most of it. I talked with them a lot about budgeting, traveling, and all the random things that will go into this trip. My grandparents think we are actually insane, but hopefully with Skype and texting, I can ease my grandma’s worries.

As for jobs over there at first, the first thing we did was join a program called Workaway. It is essentially a work-exchange program. You create an account and can talk to people all over the world. You stay at their home, or hotel (or tent…) and owe them a few hours a day of labor. In return, you get to stay there for free, and eat for free! There are so many different options, from “Help Build a Yoga Studio” in Ireland to “Work/Live at a Castle” in France to “Stay on our Yacht!” in Spain. The second thing we did was get Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) Certified. With our bachelor’s degrees, we just took a 3-months long online course through Angloville. It was pretty interesting and we are both fully certified to teach English now!

We will be leaving for Krakow, Poland near the beginning of June for an English Teaching Camp. After that, we will be in Warsaw and then we will be in Gdansk, all with Angloville. We aren’t sure how we are getting to each place yet (besides our initial flight) and will keep y’all posted on the best travel deals we can find. After that, our schedule is open for whatever Workaway we can find. The not-knowing part is the scary part for me (super Type-A and actually a planner for a living) so I am going to have to learn to be a little more go-with-the-flow.

Our goal is to travel, do Workaway, and eventually find a place to settle down for a while. My goal is to continue to do weddings and events, and partner with some venues abroad! I am working on my vendor list now and already have my eye on a few places.

Very few of my friends and family members understand this move. Moving to a new city is intimidating, and moving halfway across the globe is downright scary. I’ve been warned of just about anything you can think of, but I’ve learned to experience things for myself. There’s a huge world out there with cultures and traditions I’ve never heard of, so going in with an open mind and no predispositions is absolutely necessary.

The Workaway program sounds too good to be true, so we’ll be letting you know about each and every place we stay at. I’m excited to bounce off ideology, eat different food and just look at every day through a different lens. There are countless stigmas about world travel, but this will be an opportunity to experience everything firsthand.

I want to be a polyglot. I want to be able to talk with anyone about anything once we’re over there. I think my biggest concern is money. We have saved up a lot for this adventure, but without any income, it will be short-lived.

6 thoughts on “Where, When, & Why?”

  1. I Am so excited for both of you – what a great adventure – enjoy the journey and have no regrets!! Love you

  2. My cousin did a year abroad after he graduated high school, before starting his freshman year at Ole Miss! He had some growing up to do, and school just really isn’t his thing although it is an expectation. (I think we all know a few people in this category.) He did several different programs through out his year, but ultimately did Workaway for around 6 months in New Zealand. My aunt raved about the program and how easy to use and great it turned out… best of luck!!!

    1. That is awesome! (And yes, we both certainly know people like that!)
      I would love to get his name/email and ask him a few questions! Workaway has been so incredibly easy to navigate, but we are anxious to start our first opportunity.Thanks, Ellen! 🙂

  3. I’m so proud of y’all and SUPER excited to hear all about your adventures! We love y’all to the moon and hope you’ll call/email/message if you need anything at all! We’ve traveled abroad our fair share and would be happy to help out if you need it! ❤️❤️❤️

  4. I think this is so exciting and envy you both so much!! I look forward to learning about your expierance and adventures. Enjoy and remember to stay safe!! Xoxo

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