Our Story

We are a newly-engaged couple currently living in San Antonio, Texas and looking to experience all that this world has to offer! We both graduated from Texas State University with Bachelor of Science degrees in Mass Communication, so we are versed and well-educated in anything and everything media. We both have our TEFL certifications and love to teach English (and learn other languages.)

We've spent the last few years out of college trying to find our way, Ashley as (and is) a wedding coordinator, and Tyler getting his feet wet in different industries. We're ready to make some changes and dive right into a new country and a new culture.

We love, family, food, friends, alliteration, and recently made a big and life-changing decision. On June 1 of this year, we quit our jobs and are moving to Europe.

Crazy? Maybe. Do we have plans? Sort of. The one thing that is certain- we are both incredibly excited and dedicated to making this move successful. We will be starting this blog as a his-and-hers account of our thoughts, activities, and an overall narrative of this new chapter of our lives. We hope you will join us on the journey!